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 YES, WeDo!

Soon you will be preparing for your big day. The professionals from the WeDo team will make sure that the decor of your dream wedding will become reality. Please have a look at some mood pictures of our previous projects.

Our Decor

Most of our decorations are handmade, handcrafted, hand-picked and mostly made of recycled materials. We really want to get close to nature with our décor and you will see this in the style we offer.

Our Photography

We not only love to be close to nature but we love to be natural. Our photographer is a natural storyteller with a lot of interest in people and their stories.  With a huge experience in portrait and wedding photography you can expect the highest quality on the market as illustrated below.  


Who’s going to come to your wedding without an official invitation? Exactly, nobody. That’s why we have the nicest, cutest, coolest and most beautiful wedding cards of them all. Want a card with your face on it? Done. Want a card with cats? Done. Anything is possible as all of the cards are handcrafted, so 100% unique.


Nothing brings back the feeling of your special day more than a professional wedding-video. The video is shot by our professional videographer who has a lot of experience filming people's weddings so you’re sure to get this amazing ‘I-wish-I-was-there’ feeling (to give to all of the people who didn’t take the effort to show up at your wedding).