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Our Story

The first time we bundled our strength as a team was when Zizi and Bart celebrated their wedding. They decided to do everything on their own, with the help of friends who were also in the wedding industry. When the big day was finally there and all the decorations were in place it felt and looked as magical as what they had dreamed of.  Seeing the result of the teamwork that day made them realize that they were destined to become a team with the mission to make other peoples weddings as magical and unique as theirs was.

Betti ff2.jpg

Zizi Ócsag

Zizi graduated as a fashion designer from University for the Creative Arts in London, and worked in different fields such as graphic design and illustration.

Zizi had always loved designing, drawing and creating, which led her to start her dream. In 2016 she decided to use her illustration skills and make invitations for weddings, with the name, WeDo.

Nature always had a big impact in her style as well as the chemistry of couples and relationships, every story is unique and that is what inspires her creativity. She brings with her a perspective from a creative design angle and has an exceptional eye for the beauty in every person she comes across. She strives to foster a unique relationship with her clients and will work hard to realize their deepest dream of their wedding.

Bernadette Arki

Betti has a flair for creating anything from scratch. There are no mountains, nor boulders that would make her flinch or falter. She graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and design in Budapest as a textile designer, but her interest drove her to different creative fields, fine art, glass making and eventually creating (home) decorations by using old and new materials, recycled or antique objects to create something extraordinary. She always had a keen interest in wedding decorations and floristry. She followed her passion and graduated a florist. She joined the WeDo team in 2017 and has her main focus on all things involving flowers. Her experience, handcrafting skills and passion for beautiful things make her the perfect compliment for this dynamic trio.

Sára Petrák

Sári started her carrier as a photographer after graduating in BA Photography at the Metropolitan University in Budapest. Her creative drive led her to expand her skills and broaden her perspective. She then successfully finished her MA in Illustration at the Arts University of Bournemouth and currently she is also making various illustrations for weddings. Sári has been working in the wedding industry for 5 years with expertise in photography and videography before she joined the WeDo team in 2017. Her positivity, vibrant nature and fun character reflects on her work. She loves to work with people, and really likes to emphasize the beauty in each of us.

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